Monday, September 21, 2009

Merry Mabon

The Autumn Equinox will be here tomorrow, Sept. 22, 2009. I must admit I am preparing for it rather late, but I do want to observe it in some small way at least. Mabon, like most other sabbats this year has snuck up on me. Being so new to all of this, I am not yet accustomed to the Pagan holidays. I know that in time I will learn to anticipate them, and will know what to do for each one. Now, however, I am reading and learning all I can to prepare. I will share some of that here with you. I have collected this information from multiple sources, and combined the information into one location.

Mabon or Autumn Equinox is the day that once again we will find night and day in perfect balance. It is a time to say goodbye to long warm summer days and welcome in the shorter cooler days of fall, and give thans for the second harvest.

Symbolism of Mabon: Equality and Balance.

Symbols of Mabon: wine, gourds, pine cones, acorns, grains, corn, apples, pomegranates, vines such as ivy, dried seeds, and horns of plenty.

Herbs of Mabon: hazel, corn, aspen, acorns, oak sprigs, autumn leaves, wheat stalks, cypress cones, pine cones, harvest gleanings, benzoin, ferns, grains, honeysuckle, marigold, milkweed, myrrh, passionflower, rose, sage, solomon's seal, tobacco, thistle, and vegetables.

Foods of Mabon: Breads, nuts, apples, pomegranates, beans, and vegetables such as corn, potatoes, squash, carrots, and onions.

Incense of Mabon: Autumn Blend-benzoin, myrrh, sage, and basil.

Colors of Mabon: Red, orange, russet, maroon, brown, and gold.

Stones of Mabon: Sapphire, lapis lazuli, and yellow agates.

Activities of Mabon: Making wine, gathering dried herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the woods, scattering offerings in harvested fields, offering libations to trees, adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over.

Spellworking of Mabon: Protection, prosperity, security, and self-confidence. Also those of harmony and balance.

Deities of Mabon: Goddesses-Modron, Morgan, Epona, Persephone, Pamona and the Muses. Gods-Mabon, Thoth, Thor, Hermes, and The Green Man.

"Mabon is considered a time of the Mysteries. It is a time to honor Aging Deities and the Spirit World. Considered a time of balance, it is when we stop and relax and enjoy the fruits of our personal harvests, whether they be from toiling in our gardens, working at our jobs, raising our families, or just coping with the hussle-bussle of everyday life. May your Mabon be memorable, and your hearts and spirits be filled to overflowing! " ~ Excerpt from website listed below.

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