Sunday, September 20, 2009

Books To Read

I love books! It's like an addiction!! I don't finish the book I'm reading before I find half a dozen more I want to read. So many little time. LOL

Something I've noticed as I reach out to others in search of knowledge and information is that people are great about recommending books. (Would that be considered enabling my addiction?) What happens is I go to the bookstore or get online and I can't remember the names of the books that have been recommended. So...I'm going to use this blog post to list the books that have been recommended to me. Please feel free to post a comment and recommend your favorite books. They can be fiction or non fiction, magick or non-magic...whatever you like! :) I'll take your book recomendations and update the blog with them so we will have a list to refer back to. How does that sound? I only have two to post right now, but will update this post as often as I can adding to the list as I get recommendations. LOL

(Stars * Denote Books I have in my own collection.)

Magickal Non-Fiction:

"The Book of Shadows" by Phyllis Currott
"Healing Wise" by Susan Weed (Barnes & Noble Link)
"Temple Series" (6 Total) by Christopher Penczak

"Magical Oils by Moonlight" by Maya Heath (spells, potions and charms)
"Grimoire for the Green Witch" by Ann Moura (correspondences, rituals and poetry)
*"Cottage Witchery" by Ellen Dugan (wonderful stuff to celebrate the Sabbats)

Magickal Fiction:



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